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Financial bottlenecks, high purchases or simply the unpopular debt trap. All this can quickly lead to negative Credit Bureau entries and then usually end up in a financial crisis. Those who are in financial distress and have already been rejected by their own bank during the credit procedure are, of course, forced to resort to other methods. In this case, offers a Credit Bureau free credit.

In this guide we have dealt more closely with Credit Bureau-free loans. We will discuss who can get credit without Credit Bureau and how he defines himself. Because even if a Credit Bureaufreier credit is desired it is not easy to get this, even if the advertising promises other things.

What is a Credit Bureau free loan?

What is a Credit Bureau free loan?

Googling for the combination “Credit Bureaufreier credit”, then many offers will appear. Sometimes the need for a loan is simply based on natural spending. The broken washing machine, the broken car or just the desire for a trip let the credit quickly become the focus.

If urgent purchases are required, or if a financial drought is to be expected, then the lending-free loan may be just the right solution. However, who has problems with the finances, will often be afflicted with negative Credit Bureau. Since it seems almost impossible to get a loan from the house bank with a bad Credit Bureau score. At this moment, almost every consumer wants to get a loan without Credit Bureau.

Now that is not wishful thinking, but for many borrowers from Germany bitter reality. But fortunately, a debt-free loan for the planned financing is possible in many cases. Quickly the question comes up, what is a debt free loan, who are the lenders, how high can the loan amount be and must I be afraid of rogue providers?

The franchise-free loan is a financing model in which the actual creditworthiness in the form of income and collateral of the applicant is to be used to make the application. Firms offering a scholastic loan do not check the entries in Credit Bureau, but only the current situation.

This is the difference between the normal loan models and the debt-free loan. In order to get such a loan, the current working situation of the customer is examined very carefully. If you are employed for at least one year in a permanent position and receive a certain salary, you have a good chance to receive a Credit Bureau-free loan. Our guidebook will now focus on this debt-free loan.

Is a Credit Bureau free credit serious?

Is a Credit Bureau free credit serious?

The most important question for all borrowers is whether a Credit Bureau-free loan is really serious. Critics now raise their fingers to answer “no”. But why should not a Credit Bureau-free loan be reputable? Of course it is not possible to give a general answer as to whether a company offering a Credit Bureau-free loan works really seriously.

Also in this economic sector there are weak points and dubious providers. These exploit the emergency situation of the applicants. Normally, Credit Bureaufreie loans are quite serious. As an applicant, you should know exactly how to recognize a dubious credit intermediary. We have summarized a few points that represent the most important features.

  • The loan without Credit Bureau is offered at very low interest rates.
  • Even without a regular income, the loan is forgiven.
  • Brokers charge processing fees or money for checking the loan application.
  • The delivery of the credit documents is exclusively cash on delivery.
  • The credit company has only been around for a short time.
  • On the homepage of the provider are little or no contact information.
  • The credit intermediary wants to arrange a home visit.

These are the main signs that you realize that a credit provider is not working properly. At this point, we can only recommend relying on reliable credit providers. If you want a Credit Bureaufreien credit, should say goodbye to the idea of ​​low interest rates.

Because a favorable annual interest can not offer a Credit Bureau free credit. The credit conditions are higher compared to a personal loan. However, if you want a loan without Credit Bureau, you should know that this is a criterion for seriousness.

Where does a Credit Bureau free loan come from?

Where does a Credit Bureau free loan come from?

A Credit Bureau free loan is easier to get than you think.

Anyone interested in a Credit Bureau-free loan, of course, not only wonders what conditions expect him, but also where such a loan comes from. With the fewest German enterprises a borrower has the possibility to receive a loan without a Credit Bureau information. For German banks are eager to clarify the credit rating by examining the Credit Bureau.

To do so, they examine the applicant very closely and are able to form a picture of his financial past. By a negative Credit Bureau entry you can thus quickly take his creditworthiness and receives in Germany no installment loan or car loan. Even a small loan to compensate for the current account is not possible.

In the Credit Bureau are very different things. Above all, debts that have not been paid off. Based on the Credit Bureau score, banks can determine if someone is considered creditworthy or not. If you are not considered to be solvent you have big problems as a borrower. A lack of creditworthiness is sufficient for banks from Germany to reject the borrower, although he is easily able to repay the monthly installments for the loan amount.

In order to still get a financial freedom, one has the opportunity to resort to a Credit Bureaufreien credit. These loans come in the rarest cases of German banks. Rather, they come from Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Austria or Switzerland.

Here Credit Bureaufreie credits have a stronghold, which of course is very popular with German users. In Liechtenstein, among others, Octa-Credit Bank is known for its lending. But there are also a number of companies in Luxembourg and Switzerland where a discretionary loan is available discreetly.

As an applicant you should therefore assume that a Credit Bureau-free loan comes from Liechtenstein, Luxembourg or Switzerland. In this context, Swiss credit often speaks.

Which intermediaries have the loan on offer?

Which intermediaries have the loan on offer?

If it is now about the search for credit, you will come across very different providers. One of the best known is Maxcredit (our recommendation) or Credit-mono. We examined these different providers more closely and came across numerous offers within the framework of the Credit Bureau-free loans.

The provider Maxcredit offers a loan without Credit Bureauauskunft. Of course, to apply for this loan you have to go to the online portal. Regardless of the Credit Bureau, a loan without Credit Bureau information is possible for many people. However, a minimum income of 1150 USD per month must be available. Of course, the loan limit is limited. More than 7500 USD are not available for a Credit Bureau credit over Maxcredit.

Another provider can be found under the name Pixocredit. For German borrowers, a company that is not yet well known. But applicants get not only as a self-employed a loan, but also people who have a problem with the Credit Bureau. With the Online Ident procedure, everyone has the opportunity to receive a very fast answer and thus, in the case of an instant confirmation, almost a quick loan.

The company has existed for twelve years and has been providing the non-scholar credit for many years. With this company one has the possibility to consider even three loan sums. From 3500 USD to 7500 USD everyone can get their own individual credit. Even a term of up to 40 months is possible.

If you are not lucky with these two providers, you can try it at the Ret Tener Bank. This provider has also added the variant of the Credit Bureau. The effective interest rate for this bank is between 4% and around 15%. Of course, there are also with this provider only a certain amount of credit, which is Credit Bureaufrei to apply. Anyone interested in such a loan request should contact the bank directly and ask for the extra credit.

Last but not least, you can not beat one of the test winners. This is Maxcredit. Even with this provider, there are Credit Bureaufreie loans for almost everyone. The instant loan without Credit Bureau is easy to apply on the Internet. The company has paid more than 100,000 loans to date.

The important thing with this provider is that no pre-costs are incurred. So everyone has the opportunity to use Maxcredit his very individual Credit Bureaufreien credit. More information can of course be obtained directly from the provider.

What requirements does the borrower have to meet?

What requirements does the borrower have to meet?

In order to get such a credit model, different conditions have to be fulfilled. As with any other loan, only loan amounts can be awarded. Anyone can apply for such a credit model now. Even housewives or trainees have a chance.

Those who are self-employed often use this loan model. Self-employed people have a hard time getting credit from a normal bank. The only important thing is that you have reached the age of 18 already. In addition, one should pursue a fixed activity, which ensures a fixed income. If you are employed for a limited time, it is difficult to get such a loan.

It is important that the following points are taken into account:

  • The borrower needs a permanent employment contract.
  • As a borrower you have to show a certain income.
  • The employment contract may not be limited.
  • The 18th year must be reached.
  • The loans can only be obtained up to a certain amount.
  • High running costs are bad for applying for the loan.

Note: Anyone applying for a loan without Credit Bureau should know how long such an application will be processed. From the filing of an application to the information provided by the credit company, usually 2 to 5 working days pass. Incidentally, a loan is not only offered by foreign banks, but now also by direct banks.

Those who need a particularly quick answer should use the instant loan without Credit Bureau information. Here, the applicant receives advance notification of whether the loan is realistic and approved.

Which documents do you need?

As a borrower, who would like to use a loan without Credit Bureau as quickly as possible, it is particularly important to have all the documents ready in advance. Because this gives you the efficient advantage that the processing time is significantly reduced. Then, of course, the question arises, which documents are needed. To the compulsory documents belongs the copy of the identity card as well as the proof of income of the last 3 months. Here payroll, payroll or salary certificates can be submitted.

Full and truthful self-disclosure should be available with these documents. Of course, the loan agreements are to be completed accordingly. For these documents two statements of account with receipt of pay must be put and possibly a copy of the employment contract.

If you apply for a loan via the Internet, then the Post Ident procedure for the cash payment may also be necessary. For this the documents have to be printed on the respective websites. It may sometimes happen that assignments of suretyship or credit insurance are additional to use.

Are non-school loans suitable for the self-employed?

Are non-scholl loans suitable for the self-employed?

For the self-employed it is very difficult to get a loan. Many lending companies are afraid of obtaining sufficient financial security from freelancers or the self-employed. In order to be financially flexible as a self-employed person or self-employed person, the loan without information from Credit Bureau offers itself. Basically, the credit without Credit Bureau for self-employed is perfect.

Even if the enormously high interest rate is dissuasive, it offers a flexible financial design. For the self-employed, it is difficult to get a loan, even if it is done without a Credit Bureau query. After all, collateral demands banks in this case as well. While the employee can interpret the salary statement as collateral, the self-employed must prove the last income tax assessment. In addition, profit and loss accounts must be considered. So it may be necessary to consult a tax adviser.

The default risk for self-employed is nevertheless rated very high. Therefore, the payment behavior is considered in many loan offers. Who can provide collateral such as life insurance or real estate, gets much easier also a Credit Bureaufreien credit. If there are already payment obligations, such as start-up loans, it may lead to the rejection of non-Credit Bureau loans.

Can apprentices and students apply for a loan without Credit Bureau?

Can apprentices and students apply for a loan without Credit Bureau?

Trainees and students usually do not get a loan from a regular bank. The income is simply too low. It offers so the credit without Credit Bureau. Various providers give students and trainees the opportunity to get a Credit Bureaufreien credit. Of course, these loans are very different from the other models. Because for students and trainees there will be a lower loan amount.

In addition, these groups also need security. In many cases, a guarantor will even be required for a Credit Bureau-free loan. Parents or relatives can step in. As a trainee and student, you must also have proof of income. Without the salary certificates, non-Credit Bureau loans can not be guaranteed within this framework.

Is there a Credit Bureaufreies loan for pensioners and pensioners?

Is there a Credit Bureaufreies loan for pensioners and pensioners?

As a retiree or pensioner, it is with the normal house banks, when it comes to a loan application, rather difficult. Because, of course, the risk of death is particularly high. In this case, the credit would pass on to subsequent generations. Anyone who is in need as a retiree is looking for a way out. In this case, lending-free loans can be used very well.

As a pensioner or as a pensioner you have the opportunity to apply for a Credit Bureau-free loan. The relevant documents must also be presented in this application. A salary statement is not possible with a pensioner, but can be compensated by the pension notice. If the income situation matches the respective offers, these groups will also be guaranteed a loan without Credit Bureau. It should be noted that in this case too only loans of a certain amount are approved.

As a retiree or as a pensioner, it may be important to take out credit insurance. In addition, many providers demand security. This can consist of real estate or life insurance.

How long does the payout take and is an immediate payout possible?

How long does the payout take and is an immediate payout possible?

The duration of a payout always depends on the processing time. Who makes a loan application and attaches all the necessary documents immediately, can count on a relatively quick processing. This is between two and five working days. Once the loan has been approved, payment will be made very quickly. Here, too, only a few working days pass.

Some loans without Credit Bureau offer immediate payouts. Such loans can be found under the name of instant loans. Even instant loans without Credit Bureau are now on offer. But what defines an instant loan? The instant loan is defined by the fast processing time. A maximum of several hours elapse before acceptance. The applicant fills out a form online, which allows the provider to know whether the applicant is creditworthy.

If the credit is approved in advance, the loan documents are sent to the companies as soon as possible. Then the payout takes only a few days.

Which conditions are to be expected?

Which conditions are to be expected?

With the conditions the offerers differ very strongly. The terms do not include terms of up to 40 months, but also loan amounts. Most vendors specify a maximum loan amount available for a non-profane loan. The maximum height is 7,500 USD. Anything above that can not be made possible with a debt-free loan.

In addition to the terms, the interest rates include. These are a lot higher than a normal loan. Credit Bureaufreie credits are usually obtained with interest rates of 10% to 15%. One should be aware of this fact as soon as you apply for a Credit Bureau-free loan. The advantage of a non-Credit Bureau credit is, of course, that the interest rates are very high, but the payment is correspondingly fast. Because a negative Credit Bureau entry can not influence lending.

Further conditions, which agree with the maturities or the payment obligations, can be selected in the respective credit terms. It is recommended to read the entire fine print of a loan agreement in order to cover all conditions.

Does the loan exist despite wage-earning?

Does the loan exist despite wage-earning?

Anyone who has recorded a wage seizure is already in debt. A garnishment on the account indicates that massive debt exists. In the past, those affected have either poorly or not at all taken care of these debts.

The garnishment is the last way for companies to get their money, but this also means a negative entry in the Credit Bureau. For normal banks, one is uninteresting in this case. Obtaining a loan despite seizure is of course very difficult. Because the default risk is very high even for banks that offer the loan without Credit Bureau.

If you still want to try your luck, you can apply for a loan. But at the latest here, the wheat is separated from the chaff. It is not always possible to get a loan despite being hired. Of course, banks want to offer a Credit Bureaufreien credit offer.

A garnishment may result in the claimant no longer having enough money available to repay the loan insured. If this is the case, the loan can be rejected without Credit Bureau in the case of wage garnishment.

Credit Bureau-free credit without salary possible?

Credit Bureau-free credit without salary possible?

In most cases it is not possible to obtain a loan without a salary certificate. Of course, banks and companies that offer a Credit Bureau-free loan want to hedge. Since non-scholarly loans do not rely on credit history in the past, but on the current one, a salary statement is important.

There are certainly providers that allow a Credit Bureaufreien credit without salary. However, these are not serious providers in most cases. A salary statement or an income tax assessment is important to obtain a debt-free loan. If in doubt, enumerate a second claimant in the loan application who has enough income or collateral.

I already have a loan, is a second crediter credit possible?

I already have a loan, is a second schafafreier credit possible?

If you already have a loan and you also want to use a Credit Bureau-free loan, you may encounter problems. It is not always the case that companies offering the non-scholarly loan offer the chance to take out a second loan.

Again, salary or income plays a role in the month. If this is high enough to handle two loans, the loan application can be positive. At this point, we can only advise applicants to complete a loan application and hope for a positive end.

Credit Bureau free credit – Our conclusion

Credit Bureau free credit - Our conclusion

We recommend anyone who has bad Credit Bureau entries to apply for a loan without Credit Bureau. It is important that you have a financial income in the month, which also supports the credit installments. However, one should be careful to rely only on reputable companies. Some of these reputable companies were featured in the guide.

If you have the opportunity to apply for a loan, you will not be paid large sums of money, but a financial buffer. This enables a financial freedom that can help out with difficult life situations.

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