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The Ministry of National Economy (NGM) and the Hungary Improvement and Currency Bank (MCB) amended the description of the European Union-funded “Program for Supporting the R&D Activities of Companies” (GINOP-8.1.1-16). The changes, which came into effect on November 15, 2017, have expanded the range of eligible borrowers and micro-businesses can now apply for the extremely favorable zero-interest loan. A further relief is that the minimum amount of the loan that can be taken up has been reduced from the previous HUF 100 million to HUF 5 million, which further broadens the scope of potential clients.

Expand your toolkit for enhancements

Expand your toolkit for enhancements

Due to recent changes, the loan program will finance the closest part of the innovation chain to the market, where R & D & I carry commercially manageable risks.

Within the framework of the projects, it is also possible to plan the acquisition of equipment and infrastructure necessary for the production of the developed products, services and processes, which provide the company with technological advancement. Businesses can apply for R & D & I concessional credits at MFB 642 nationwide, or fill out an online credit assessment questionnaire.

Development Banking Network

Development Banking Network

The MFB Points network has been created to provide businesses with the resources they need to grow quickly and locally with ease of administration. Until July 31, 2017, 568 MFB Points were created in the country, followed by the opening of 74 additional points in recent months. Of the originally planned 642-member network, there are a total of 63 first-class MCB Points that perform the entire lending and sales process for all available products. Another 260 units are in the second category, where the entire credit and sales process for products requiring national reach is completed, and 319 third category MFB Points, whose main task is to inform and convey customer interest. The number of points in the capital has further expanded, so that 18 Budapest funds can be claimed from the EU.

For loan products sold through MFB Points, one of the main goals is to diversify funds locally. Thanks to its partner network, MCB is present everywhere, from the capital, through county seats to smaller towns, to help businesses: 72 percent of the population and 83 percent of businesses nationwide.

Between 2014 and 2020, Hungary will have more than 12,000 billion forints of EU funding at its disposal, 60 percent of which is earmarked for economic development. A unique system of institutions in Europe provides EU and retail loans to businesses and retail clients.

The program will primarily provide businesses with favorable loans for long-term financing, while natural persons, condominiums, housing cooperatives, and residential real estate will receive support for modernization work to increase energy savings, even without tangible funding.

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